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I made a guest post for Dennis Cooper’s blog
artists included:David OReilly, Joe Winograd, Petra Cortright, Francoise Gamma,, Joe Hamilton, cloaque, Will Laren
check it out

two of my stories are included in '40 Likely To Die Before 40: An Introduction To Alt Lit' 
it has some of my favorite writers in it, and showcases a wide variety of styles and personalities
every piece that got selected for this collection is A+ in my opinion
also the page numbers stop at 420
essential summer reading

a piece of mine called ‘The Decapitated Head Story’ is in Pop Serial 5, which you can order here
the physical book looks amazing — full color photos with a cover by Tao Lin, macros by James Ganas & Michael Hessel-Mial & Dave Shaw, a funny graph by Guillaume Morrissette, art by Blaise Larmee
what would look better for reading in public, Pop Serial 5 or a book about Steve Jobs?? the answer is Pop Serial 5 no disrespect to Steve Jobs

happy to have one of my short stories mentioned positively in an article for Dazed Digital 
much thanks and love to New Wave Vomit for originally publishing the story
read the article here
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